About Josie B.

  Josie b was officially launched in July of 2015. However, It would only be fair to mention where and how it all started. The shop owner, Lauren Burcombe, started her small business, TheJarShoppe, on Etsy in January of 2014. Her intent was to sell accessories and cutesy girl gifts that everyone could have a use for. Most of the items included mason jars and that's where the name came from.

Fast forward to a year later. She wanted to take the brand further and the brainstorming really began. She thought it would be fun and different to hand-paint outdoor mats. Not your average doormats, of course. Something unique and comical that would reflect her witty and sarcastic personality. She soon created the original "Bye Felicia" doormat and instantly had success. With the help of Instagram and word of mouth, business was booming. The "Bye Felicia" doormat has been featured in Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and is also sold at NYLONSHOP.com. The "Bye Felicia" mat can be seen all over social media as well, including Lucy Hale's Instagram page.

For some time, Lauren was feeling like the name "TheJarShoppe", although it had brought her success, did not fit her concept and where she saw the shop going. She wanted to take the brand further and (in her opinion) the only way for her to do that was to change the name. Although nervous for the change, she decided to go with her gut and she officially launched Josie B on July 13, 2015.

The name Josie b has a very special meaning. Lauren grew up in Long Beach, California on Josie Avenue where her grandparents lived (since the 70's). After moving on (growing up) and not living in the house for about twenty years, Lauren moved back to the house on Josie and that is where she started her business and she works out of the garage her grandpa once used to park his police motorcycle in. The "B" stands for her last name, which she also shares with her grandparents. Her grandpa passed away in August of 2013 from cancer and in a way this is a tribute to him. He was such a big part of Lauren's life and she knows he would be proud. Although she does have plans to expand into a larger space and will eventually move on, Josie Avenue will always be home to her.